How We Met

{Our first date, October 1999}

We met in the fall of 1999, as freshmen at Brigham Young University. We lived in neighboring dorms and were fast friends. In fact, somehow, the stars aligned and we went on our first date that very semester--to a BYU Homecoming dance...and then....well....we didn't go on a second date (anytime soon, that is). We were best friends, and why complicate that with dating, right? We coached each other through our own dating experiences, studied for classes we took together, and went on lots of group dates--with other people. We were each other's confidant, and loved it.

{the romantic coincidence of showing up with the same shirt}

And then Joseph left on his mission--spending the next two years as an LDS Missionary in London, England. Over those two years, Jen kept on dating, made new friends, and continued at BYU....but Joe was always on the forefront! Apparently we both came to our senses during Joseph's mission, and as soon as he was back in Provo, we started dating. We went on our second date almost 3 years after the first, which always gives us both a little chuckle. =) Nearly 8 months to the day that our romance began, we were married in the Boston Massachusetts LDS Temple, on April 29, 2003.

{The perfect day....April 29, 2003...Married in Boston}