Our Promise to YOU

Should you choose to place your child with our family, we will always respect and honor your wishes and desires for privacy. That being said, your child will always, always know that they have a birth family who loves them, and who make up a very important part of their identity.

We're raising our son, Ian, to always know that he is adopted and that he is special because of it. We never want him to remember "finding out" that he's adopted--because it's always been part of who he is. He knows that he has a birth family and he knows that he is loved by more people than he can even count. Our next adopted child will be no different. Their very identity will be shaped knowing that adoption truly is about love.

We look forward to many conversations about openness--as each adoption is unique--and we hope that you will want to express your love to your child through the means you feel comfortable.

You will be an honored and respected person in our family. We can say that with complete certainty. Please know that we love you and are so excited to get to know you.

So with all of this in mind, please know that our promise to you is that we will always keep our promises. Through open and honest communication with you, through honest feedback and the inevitable course-corrections and evolution that our relationship with you will make as it grows and matures, we will always keep our promises. We hope you will feel equally comfortable sharing your thoughts on the things that may or may not make you comfortable and we hope to be a trustworthy soundboard for your ideas, hopes, and dreams for you and your baby. Through this kind of two-way communication, we know with absolute confidence that this relationship will grow in all the ways it should.

Adoption is about a partnership for the benefit of the child. That's what it's really all about--making all of our choices for the happiness of these children.