A Note from Ian's Birth Mom

Dear friend,

The decision to place my son for adoption forever changed my life. My decision, like yours, was incredibly difficult and emotional, but I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the love that has grown from that choice.

My friendship with Jen and Joe began several months before Ian was born, and they were soon an invaluable part of my life. Their love and compassion for me spoke loudly for the love and care they would show for their children. Since Ian's birth, my relationship with this little family has changed and matured. But I am always happy and excited to see new pictures of Ian, to read Jen's stories of the crazy little things he says and does. I am able to see my son grow and know without a hint of doubt that he is happy and growing up to be a genius.

It really is all about love. It's not about loss and separation anymore--it's about an enormous, ever-growing circle of love, centered on that little life of your child. This family will embrace their children with all the love they possess, but we get to love them too.

I hope and pray that you will be comforted as you make these decisions, and that you will know the excitement we all have to expand this circle of love.

Your fellow birthmother,