More About Joe

What defines me? Well, I like to be with company, whether it be an audience for my occasionally lame punny jokes or to play strategy games or to weigh in on my stance on typically hot political topics. I never claim to be a funny guy or a clever strategist, or up on all the current events. But I do like to be involved.

I enjoy being involved in outdoor activities, through hiking, camping, kayaking, and recently geocaching and snowshoing. There is something about being outdoors that is liberating and enlightening. I try to be involved with volunteering with the boy scouts as a useful way to get out and also be able to share some of the knowledge I've gained.

I appreciate self-sufficiency, and have tried to learn how to do things the good old fashioned way. I like to garden, repair appliances, and mend clothes. When there's something I wish I had, I make goals to save money to make the purchase possible. I'm not afraid to do without a few luxuries now and again if it means I get closer to my goals.

I wish I had time to read more books, especially historical fiction. Part of me wonders what it REALLY was like centuries ago, and part of me is content to just imagine it through modern interpretations. I like to visit museums that highlight various ways of life. It really doesn't matter what type of museum it is really, as there are lots of things to learn regardless of the genre. I lived in England for two years as a LDS missionary, and felt considerable interest in how the people lived in that region over the past several millennia Surprisingly I watched an replay of a Jane Austin novel, and I loved it.

I was born and raised in Tennessee by a pair of loving parents. I am a second child, but an oldest son, so I have some of the independent streaks blended with the insecurities.